Sunday, 21 April 2013

What it's all about

This time last year...
I was at graduation this week.  No, not graduating myself, but as a staff member helping out.  It did mean I got to wear my regalia though, which I'm always so proud to do (even though I was surrounded by academic staff in their PhD robes, and I've just got a little BA - I'm still really proud of my efforts in getting that BA!).

I've probably attended well over a dozen graduation ceremonies during my time working at the university, and I still love it.  As a member of the non-academic staff, it's a wonderful reminder of what we're all here for - our work isn't just about paperwork and form filling, it's actually about helping young (and not so young!) people to get an education.  Seeing the students who I've known since they were nervous first years step up on the stage to receive their degrees is an amazing feeling.  So too is seeing the pride on the faces of their families as they watch them.

And of course, as a student myself it gives me a wonderful feeling of anticipation, imagining that in just a few years I'll be attending my own graduation ceremony.  I think back to how I felt the day I graduated with my BA, when I couldn't stop smiling all day because I was just bursting with joy and pride, and another three years of hard work suddenly seems so worth it.  I can't wait!

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